POSSE Equipment


The POSSE STRONGBOXES are 8' x 8' x 16', completely steel framed (including the floor supports) boxes, featuring lockable, steel roll-up doors to provide complete security and protection for your furniture, equipment, tools or materials. These units provide 1024 cubic feet of storage and a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds (5 TONS).

The POSSE STAGECOACH is a uniquely designed trailer that provides a minimum tilt angle (10 degree maximum tilt) for loading and unloading strong boxes. The design of this trailer allows the operator to easily drop a STRONGBOX in an opening just slightly larger than the STRONGBOX itself (8' x 16'). This means if you can back the trailer into a location, you can put a STRONGBOX there. The POSSE STAGECOACH trailer has a 6 ton capacity, and can be provided in traditional, pintle, or gooseneck configuration.